Revivify was founded by personal and sports specific trainers Paul DeCicco and Michael Gillio. They are certified strength and conditioning specialists that possess undergraduate and postgraduate work in the health, wellness, nutrition and sports training field. In addition, they have been in this field for 20 years and have published research in peer-reviewed journals.

Paul and Michael’s experience has been with a clientele looking to improve their general health, fitness and sports performance. In addition, they have carried out programs to prevent chronic disease and reduce symptoms of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

As a result, Revivify was founded to provide more natural alternatives to today’s potentially more harmful treatments for pain and inflammation, slowing down the aging process and sports recovery and performance. These alternatives include the latest equipment designed to stimulate our bodies’ protective mechanisms to heal, repair and regenerate itself. Therefore, clients can possibly avoid medications and their harmful side effects usually being gastrointestinal distress, drowsiness, skin reactions, dependence and other issues.

The team we have assembled to carry out your services consist of athletic trainers, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and personal trainers. Please meet our team and feel free to review their backgrounds.

Richie Ramoura

Cryotherapy Technician

Richard Remoura holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology, and has a strong interest in sports psychology. He’s had a love of sports growing up and has built many relationships around this. His passion for high school and college sports has led him to various muscle injuries where he had to endure much recovery with painful ice baths. He found that he had no passion for ice baths and would avoid them at all costs! Later in life Richard became very involved with boxing. It was here that Richard learned of the many professional boxers and athletes using cryotherapy to help with recovery. It was easy for him to jump into his firstcryotherapy session without hesitation. He became a believer of cryotherapy after his first couple of sessions and he began to learn more about sports recovery and pain management.  Richard is currently attending Kean College to attain his graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which will help him to achieve his long-term goal of becoming a sports psychologist. Richard began working at a cryotherapy center in New York City, and has jumped at a start-up opportunity to join Revivify focusing on pain management and recovery services in Summit N.J.

Matt Dirlam

Cryotherapy Technician

Matt Dirlam received a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He also works as an Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation at The Valley Hospital. Matt’s background includes extensive work with cardiac patients providing cardiac stress testing, cardiovascular disease assessment, and exercise prescriptions. He has taught many education classes on physical activity and nutrition for patients. Matt has a strong interest in helping individuals to get back to health and he is excited about the ability to assist clients at Revivify in helping to alleviate the inflammation that results from strenuous athletic training sessions as well as diseases such as autoimmune disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. Matt is active in sports including soccer, tennis, and basketball, and he also enjoys weight lifting and running. What did Matt think of his first Cryotherapy experience?, “My first experience in the Cryosauna felt like it was never going to end and was a long 3 minutes, but as soon as I got out I felt rejuvenated and energetic. Now with continued use the 3 minutes feels like nothing and it is definitely helping me in the weight room and on the tennis court”

Lisa Mikolajczyk

Cryotherapy Technician

Lisa Mikolajczyk graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a focus in applied kinesiology. Lisa completed her internship at Robert Wood Johnson in the Somerset Sports Medicine facility working in the exercise physiology department. Here she helped to create personalized exercise prescriptions, instructed group exercise classes, and conducted fitness testing. Lisa is also a former Rutgers cheerleading captain and instructor for the Universal Cheerleader’s Association. Her love of cheerleading continues as one of her hobbies is to review, critique, and commentate on live stream cheerleading competitions during various weekends.   At Revivify Lisa shares her enthusiasm for the different treatments that will help with pain management and athletic injuries. Her favorite thing about cryotherapy is the energy boost it gives her to feel refreshed to have a great workout.

Juan Gonzalez

Cryotherapy Technician

Juan Gonzalez is currently attending Kean University for a degree in Athletic Training and Biology. Juan has always had an interest in sports and he has learned the importance of keeping healthy and injury free in order to stay at the top of his game. In high school he earned his Varsity letters in wrestling, football, and track. At Kean University he interned as an athletic consultant where he also played defensive safety for their football team. Juan is dedicated to incorporating his profound knowledge of injuries, machines and medicine to provide the best preventative and rehabilitative treatment Revivify has to offer. What were Juan’s thoughts about trying the whole body cryotherapy for the first time? “Walking into the cryochamber for the first time was exciting, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised when I was told how cold the the cryochamber was set to. It became really cold but once I stepped out, I felt as if I jumped into a new body.”