Cryofacial Summit NJ

Cryofacial Treatments Prevent Collagen
Breakdown and Promote Collagen Growth!

In regards to skin health, cryotherapy exposure has been found to affect collagen. Collagen is the protein behind strong cartilage, joints and healthy looking skin and hair. Collagen decreases as we age which can weaken the skin and cause wrinkles, necks to become saggy and lines to form around the eyes and mouth. Cryotherapy has also shown to inhibit cortisol and collagenase activity on collagen. Cortisol is a hormone, mentioned above, that works to break down collagen and collagenase is an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

In addition, collagen production has also been found to be stimulated. To ensure proper collagen production, the cells need vitamins, minerals and healthy vascular function. During cryotherapy, blood vessels respond by a quick constriction to keep the core temperature and protect the organs and tissues. In this process, toxins are drawn out of the blood as it circulates in the core, becoming nutrient-dense and oxygen-rich. Once the treatment is finished, there is a rapid dilation of blood vessels when we are approaching a normal exterior temperature and this allows blood to circulate better. In addition, there is an enhanced distribution of vitamins and nutrients and cells are receiving the ingredients they need allowing for effective collagen production. As a result, now free of toxins and poor circulation, cells are properly nourished with vitamins and essential nutrients and regaining their natural ability to provide the collagen we need in our bones, tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin.