Cryotherapy: What to Expect & What You'll Feel

Cryotherapy: What to
Expect & What You'll Feel

What to expect?

When coming to Revivify for your initial whole body cryotherapy treatment, expect the following procedure:

  • Checking in with your cryotherapy specialist and reading an informed consent listing all conditions and/or diseases which would contraindicate you performing cryotherapy. In addition, this informed consent will list possible adverse health effects that clients should be aware of when performing the cryotherapy. If you have no conditions and/or diseases that would prevent you from doing the cryotherapy, you can sign the informed consent.
  • Next, you will be escorted to one of our changing rooms. In the changing room you will:
    1. Make sure you have no jewelry on.
    2. Make sure you body is completely dry. Towels and a hair dryer are provided to make sure you have a means to dry off thoroughly.
    3. You will change into:
      • cotton underwear or bathing suit if you are a man.
      • cotton underwear (with no underwire in bra) or bathing suit if you are a woman.
    4. You will also change into a robe, wool socks, and clogs that we provide for you.
  • You will be escorted into the cryosauna room where you will be lead into the cryosauna where you’ll disrobe and risen so your chin is six inches above the top rim of the cryosauana.
  • Your cryotherapy specialist will then be with you ALWAYS during a cryosauna treatment.
  • After the treatment, you will be escorted out of the cryosauna and back to your changing rooms.
  • Next, you will be escorted to our recumbent bikes to help with the movement of blood flow back to your limbs and bring your body temperature back to normal.
  • You can pay for the service at the front desk.
  • When you come back for another treatment, you will experience the same procedure except for filling out the informed consent unless there were any changes with your current health.

What do you feel?

Whole body cryotherapy treatments are performed in our cryosauna. They work by subjecting your skin to controlled levels of liquid nitrogen in the form of a gas.

During a session, nitrogen is circulated around the chamber to reach an ambient temperature of approximately -250°F.  During this time your core body temperature will not change. However, your skin temperature will lower to approximately 32° F during the session, but it will increase back to normal within a few minutes after the session’s conclusion. During the whole session, our cryotherapy specialist will be there to talk to you the entire 2.5 or 3 minutes. If you’d rather listen to music, our specialist will still be there but will play any genre of music that will help divert your attention away from the cold environment your feeling.

Immediately after the 2.5 to 3 minute session, a majority of people experience a significant decrease in pain and joint discomfort and notice measurable reductions in joint edema. Most also experience an endorphin release that is normally experienced only after intense exercise.